Save Money Fast

The number one way to anywhere, I think, I know it’s not sexy, but the first method: save money fast. In other words, save all the big investors to make money quickly in terms of size. If you save the money in a hurry, you can never get rich until you start it now.

When I started, I tried to convince my millionaire mentor them, you give me some tips on how to get rich, and one of the first questions I remember being asked howmuch money I was saving. I said, “Well actually nothing to be honest”. He quickly responded, “Then don’t waste my time. I thought you told me you were committed to becoming wealthy and now you are telling me you are not saving any money, so why are you wasting my time? You are either committed or you’re not”, he said.

I said, “Yes I am committed. I really want to become wealthy.” He replied, “Go away and prove it then, go away and start saving money fast and show me proof that you are committed’, he said.

He went on to say “a lot of people can talk the talk but very few people can walk the walk.” I was in a state of shock for a moment. I thought, you rich people are rude and arrogant, I later realized he was just being very firm. He was also proving a point and being truthful with me. In other words, if you can’t save money fast you can’t become wealthy. It doesn’t matter how much you earn you can save money. You must make yourself start saving money fast. You must pay E ‘before a golden rule for the rich and the need for a way to save money easy to find. Although only a small amount of a change in the unconscious.