Making Money on the World Wide Web – How to Make it Work For You

The door slammed shut, tears welling up in my eyes, I could not believe that I had just lost my job; I had held it together all the way home until now. I was in shock, sobs shook me from head to foot, and I could not believe what had happened! My boss had been making up stories about me, he was the one embezzling from the company, and I had just learned about it. The next day he told the owner it was me, I couldn’t believe it! I had nothing to do with it; I stumbled across this a week ago. But no matter what I said no one would listen to me! I looked over what I was accused of and realized I had been set up! That evening after the kids were in bed, I called my best friend Jan and told her the whole thing! She knew something had been going on, I just hadn’t had the time to tell her the whole story. She listened and then encouraged me to look for ways to make money Online. She had just started writing to make money and loved the opportunity she had. Intrigued I looked into the information she sent me. It really Looked like something I could do.

1. Keyboard a Key to Success

I saw from her e-mail that there were a number of websites showing how to make money by writing as an expert on a topic, I immediately thought about my passion for photography.

2. No Tech Skills

Well that described me to a tee, other than using Microsoft Office and searching the web, I knew little about technical things. This sounded more and more like I could really have something I could make work.

3. Vitally Important

The difference between someone who is very successful and someone who is not is as simple as following A VERY SPECIFIC PLAN! Well that made sense. I had read things before about working online but no one had outlined the need for a plan like this. Relief began washing over me, I really knew that this was something I could do!


When it comes to making money on the internet, it’s essential that there is, NO UP FRONT COST, or VERY LITTLE. It’s reasonable to expect that there may be SOME money for a quality product, just like you would pay for a do it yourself video series or book. BUT THAT’S IT FOLKS..! You are learning about this so you can change your life, NOT LOSE MONEY!